We carry out this process because we are strictly attached to Mexican legislation for
opening accounts in a non-face-to-face manner, which was published this year; This indicates that to be able to assign an account without the signature of a physical
contract, it is necessary to have some kind of multimedia support guaranteeing the information with which you opened your Fondeadora account. We do not want to invade your privacy; we will not use your camera or the microphone of your device.
Our system is responsible for taking record only of the screens of our app on your Smartphone.

We will never register information from other applications and we will not use the camera of your device, except at the specific moment in which it is requested to take your identification and validation selfie.

We carry out this process through Smartlook tool, which keeps the records corresponding to your authorization to create the account on your servers.

This security measure is designed to actively combat any type of fraud or phishing, so
we make sure that it is you who authorizes the opening, and we avoid misuse of your name or identification.

We take your security very seriously; we work to make it impossible for a person to open an account on behalf of someone else.

You can validate the complete legislation in this link, especially take a look into Annex2

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